Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't be a Hater

Thanks to the folks over at City Bites, I went to a charity dinner last Saturday Night, cooked by celebrity chef extraordinaire Daniel Boulud  ( I got to sit in the kitchen and watch as Boulud and his team cooked away. The people who paid over $12,000 per seat sat in the dining room, while being serenaded  by Canada's three tenors. It was oh-so-very Gossip Girl.
An old friend, Jennifer Huether-Vranjes, was there as head sommelier and paired every course with a vintage Chateau Latour. Scrape your jaws off the table people, it gets even better. I got to sample every single dish (appetizers, mains and dessert), as well as partake in the wine! The last bottle being an $8000 1966 vintage. 
So here it goes:
Les Fortes de Latour 2000 paired w/ Warm Prawns and Crispy Pork w/ a Celery Trio
Chateau Latour 1996 paired w/ Kataifi Crusted Sea Scallop, Porcini, Red Mustard, Pumpkin Oil
Chateau Latour 1995 paired w/ Black Sea Bass Glazed w/ Cabernet, Leek Royale and Pomme Lyonnaise
Chateau Latour 1990 paired w/ Poularde w/ Black Truffles and Foie Gras (from Quebec) Salsify and Chanterelles
Chateau Latour 1966* paired w/ Chestnut and Cocoa Nib Crusted Venison Loin, Brussels Sprouts and Spiced Cranberries
* Note: At this point, Jennifer wasn't too busy so I asked her to tell me about this wine that is almost twice my age. She said it was at it's peak, perfect to drink, beautiful in its colouring and not overwhelmingly tannic. I asked how much something like this goes for and she informed me that it is virtually priceless, rarely on the market and sold only to wine collectors but when pushed, she said it would go for $8000/bottle at auction. Double wow!

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OK Maia - that comment about the wine being almost twice your age really hurts...

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