Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Round-Up

Hey everyone, trying to file a few stories by end of day, but thought you might like to know what's going on in the food world today.

1. Montreal Chef wins Gold Metal Plate Competition (

2. This restaurant used to be homed in a very multi-cultural food court in the middle of nowhere (all I can remember is a very long bus ride from Downsview station). But they have to have a new location, will let you know what I think once Lea and I go there.

3. If you have ever met me, you know I love to drink. That is why I love this slideshow. End of story. On a side note, in New York City, hot buttered rum was all the rage last year. Why can't we get our act together and get some good bartenders in this city?

4. How to eat a chicken wing, properly (

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