Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reason Number 1,299 Why I Hate Toronto

Does this look appetizing to you? Is this really what you want to see when you hit up an out-of-the-way Ukrainian/Polish street fair? Shame on you, food vendors of Toronto! I want a good, fresh sausage on a kaiser with hot mustard. And real sauerkraut. Not some cabbage strands and dried out kielbasa floating around a bain marie and then slopped onto a wonderbun with French's.
Come December, I'll be eating the legendary chorizo sausage sandwich on a crusty white bun with tons of spicy rocket and a smear of good mustard, thanks to London's Burough Market. Cheerio!

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Jhean said...

Hey, Maia Filar, you're that chick who was in Are You Afraid of The Dark? The Doll Maker. :) Not sure when I saw a recent pic. of you, I think I did, you're pretty hot. ;}
Well hit me up sometime, it'd be nice to see what you've been up to and everything. If you have Myspace, hit me up. Myspace.com/goldenchild14

BTW, Toronto seems pretty cool, I never got see read on why you hate it so much, those wieners did look pretty sick. o_O like they were diseased or something.lol. Any who, love your blog, check mines out sometime.